HELLo and Welcome to Choice Counselling

Hi, I'm Dr Alex Fox and I'd like to welcome you to Choice Counselling. You've probably got a few questions about me and what I can offer you as a counsellor. Hopefully, this page should give you the answers you're looking for and also provide you with links to more information, should you require it.

By way of brief introduction about myself, I have a Masters Degree in counselling as well as a doctorate in English Literature. I practice here in Harley Street, London and also in St Andrews and Dundee. You can learn more about me and why I became a counsellor, here.

I'm also a Senior Consultant for Meisterline, the world's leading provider of expertise ratings (https://www.meisterline.com/about). This reflects my interests in helping high performing individuals in law, finance, the arts and other areas reach their potential.


Pluralism, as a therapy approach, is all about offering the client choices about how their problems will be tackled. When we discuss your issues, I will offer you a variety of ways that your problem can be understood and potentially resolved. These approaches will be culled from most of the main therapy modalities (e.g. CBT, DBT, person-centred, psychodynamic, solution-focused). With a wider range of choices, you can then make a more informed decision about what is best for you.

[NB: Choice counselling is not a reference to the therapy modality known as 'choice therapy'. My modality is pluralistic therapy] 

How can I book a session or ask a further question?

I welcome any questions. Or if you wish to book a session right away then you can either reach me at drfox@choicecounsellingatharleystreet.co.uk or fill out this contact form. You can also reach me by phone on +44 (0)7734 900 796

What are your fees?

£100 per 55 minute session

What is your current availability?

I am available every Tuesday

Where can i find you?

You can find me at the Westlake Clinic on Harley Street:

Westlake Clinic

1-7 Harley Street





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